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How to recover the data in the emptied recycle bin?

I believe that many computer partners have such experience, accidentally deleted some useful files, and emptied the recycle bin, resulting in the loss of data from the computer Pepsi. If you are looking for someone to recover data, you need to spend hundreds or even thousands of oceans. Is there no other way? Today I will teach you a trick, free to teach you to restore the files of the empty recycle bin.

It should be noted that if your files are stored on a SSD and the Recycle Bin is emptied, the data cannot be recovered. The method described in this article is only suitable for the complete removal of the mechanical hard disk. In addition, if the system is on an SSD and the data is on a mechanical hard disk, the methods described in this article are equally applicable.

In the mechanical hard disk, the "delete" action we made is not really deleted in the computer, but the path is deleted, and the file is abandoned in a certain position on the computer disk. If a new file comes in, It may be covered at any time.

Therefore, when you accidentally delete important files and find them in time, you may be able to retrieve this file.

The Win10 Recycle Bin empties the file recovery method:

1: After discovering that the file has been completely deleted by accident, immediately stop any other operations, especially copying and writing files to the computer. Of course, don't restart the computer, because the restart will also write temporary files.

2: Then download Restoration data recovery software in the computer, it is a free data recovery software of several tens of megabytes in size, you can download and download it yourself.

3: After installing the software, double-click to open the Restoration, remember to open it with administrator privileges (Restoration does not need to be installed, double-click to open it).

4hoose to delete the disk where the file is located (for example, previously stored in the F drive) and then click "find delete files", then see the familiar file name.

5, select the files that need to be restored, click "Replication Recovery" in the Restoration software, select the recovery path, you can, as shown below.

Well, the above is to use the "Restoration" tool to recover the Win10 computer file tutorial, the general file is deleted, can still be found in the recycle bin, enter the recycle bin to find recovery, and if the recycle bin is emptied, this situation This type of professional data recovery software is needed to recover.

Finally, recycle bin windows 10 is very trouble, the computer users who remind the SSDs should try to see the files when they delete the files. In addition, the SSD computer can also recover the data in the recycle bin, but once the recycle bin is emptied, the data on the SSD is completely lost. Even the use of professional data recovery software is useless, mainly due to the different working mechanisms of solid-state and mechanical hard disks, so SSD computer users are more careful to delete files.

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